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for ostland

x1. siobhans song for jakob
x2. ghosts and lovers
x3. the hearts knot
x4. ankhmazes
x5. eisenbahnstrasse, january 1st 1946
x6. my fantasy has gone too far

y1. not these demons again
y2. sun shatterer
y3. joining the fire
y4. campfire ashes
y5. hymn divisions

CD/LP/MP3 on lo bit landscapes
release date 2012-05-27 on cd/lp/mp3

faced with splendor ep

1. the kind ropes
2. pinko morning
3. the devil
4. golden pavilion
5. talkin to

LP/MP3 on lo bit landscapes
MP3s available from iTunes and Amazon
release date 9/9/11 on lp/mp3

other people's memories

a1. vulture mentality
a2. no angel came
a3. mighty neon fragment
a4. the ringing in (the sun is rung)
a5. party of
a6. the return of kind ropes (laku noc, dusan k)
a7. campfires of rostov on don (will your ashes burn forever?)
a8. drednotrising

b1. black cars (a sinistra)
b2. blue roses by the river styx
b3. her war with history (mouths before i sleep)
b4. endless runner
b5. shifting sands

cover art by viktor timofeev
mastered by paul gold @ salt mastering
available from other music, aquarius, amoeba SF, academy records, rebel rebel, insound, amazon, and iTunes store

press coverage

with a blue bird

(temporary birdsonging)
1. siobhan's song for jakob
2. dance of (shorter) knives
3. the return of kind ropes (laku noc, dusan k)
4. bloodbeat
5. murder approach

3" cd distributed at a performance by witness relocation
not available